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Original version -- with single feature for Site, single feature for Stage, etc.

Using Cox FeatureSelection (sibling).


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Cross-validation results
5-Fold Cross-Validation Statistics*
Measure PSSP Predictor (median) PSSP Predictor (mean) K-M Predictor
Concordance Index0.75 ± 0.010.5 ± 0.0
Hinged L1 Loss9.82 ± 0.24
Uncensored L1 loss11.05 ± 0.37
Marginal L1 LossN / A
Marginal L2 LossN / A
Hinged L1 Log-Loss0.58 ± 0.01
Uncensored L1 Log-Loss0.48 ± 0.02
Marginal L1 Log-LossN / A
Log-Likelihood Loss2.23 ± 0.02
D-calibration χ2 statistics13.11 ± 3.89
D-calibration χ2 p-value0.79 ± 0.2
*Mean value ± standard deviation.

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